Lisa's Diary reveals the emotions and day-to-day experiences of a real patient in Fort HealthCare's Bariatric Program.


June 16, 2010

I would like to write about all of the fantastic accomplishments that I’ve had in the past couple of weeks, but I can’t. I’m kind of in a holding pattern right now. Since May 2, I’ve lost just over 43 pounds. Overall, that’s not too shabby — but I can’t help but think I should be down more than that. It’s not like I don’t know what’s happening. Can you guess what it is?

Complacency, that’s what!

I’ve really fallen off my exercise program for a few reasons including laziness, the weather and my new puppy. I could go on and on about Stella (my 9-week-old yellow lab puppy), but I’ll leave it at this — she takes a lot of time and energy. She’s actually sleeping through the night now, but for a while I wasn’t getting any sleep!

On Tuesday, I saw Dr. Erickson and he filled me in a little bit. I think I’m doing OK in that respect, but as I’ve said before, exercise plays a big part in this. The band is a tool to help — but I have to do the leg work, so to speak. Of course, he reassures me that everything is going to plan.

Maybe his plan, but not mine! Ha! ;)

To get myself back on the wagon, I’ve set a goal to lose 15 pounds by July 15 — so I’d better get off my butt and start working!

I know the truth is that I’m the only one who can make this happen, so I’ll talk to you again in a week or so!


— Lisa

June 1, 2010

Hi folks!

Hope everyone had a safe, happy holiday weekend! I am so ready to go back to work. I had the Friday before Memorial Day off, making it a four-day weekend. Too much time off isn’t good for me; I tend to get in trouble (ha!).

It was a little too hot for me and my band; for some reason, I can’t get things done when it’s too hot and/or humid. I ended up eating a lot of ice cream, since that’s all that would go down!

I’m including some pictures with this entry (please don’t hassle my photography skills — I’m not trying to win any awards). This first picture was before surgery:

This one was from this weekend:

(I was forced to be in a picture and I have NEVER liked getting my picture taken!)

I can see a difference, can you?

Down 42 pounds and another 60 to go — I’ll keep you posted!

Later Tater,

— Lisa

May 25, 2010

HOLY MOLY, be careful what you wish for!

Three days ago, I had more saline put in my band — bringing the total to five milliliters. It wasn’t until two days later when I felt the effects. I was on-call for work and got out of my last case at 4:00 p.m. Since I’d had an early lunch, I was pretty hungry. On our table in the lounge (anything sitting on the table is free game), there was a big basket of chocolate, cookies, brownies and Rice Krispies Treats. After perusing the bounty, I decided that the Rice Krispies Treats had the lowest calorie count, and proceeded to slam it down. I say “slam” because up until now, I haven’t really felt any noticeable restriction, and thus have gotten lax in taking small bites and chewing thoroughly.

Bad thing to do.

I developed discomfort in my left chest area, and it felt like the food was at the back of my throat. I waited a couple of hours and had some pasta for dinner, and I just got more uncomfortable — but still felt hungry. This definitely kept me from having a snack last night.

The discomfort was still there this morning — but it was tolerable — so I had yogurt for breakfast. No problems with that, but it’s a strange feeling — the top part of my stomach can hold no more, but the bottom half feels hungry and growls!

I had probably a quarter of a Lean Cuisine–type thing, because that is all that would go down. I did talk to Patrice, and she suggested eating softer foods for a couple of days and, if I still felt residual food in there, some saline should probably be taken out. Of course that’s not what I want, because I’m finally like Pavlov’s dog — When I get uncomfortable I stop eating, which is the whole point of the surgery. However, I’m not sure how uncomfortable it should get before I do something. Patrice says I’m like every LAP-BAND® patient, because I’m sure I would really start to lose weight if it was left this way.

I decided that since I’m writing this diary for all of you to enjoy, I should take all the precautions that were explained to me to set a good example. I’ve already proven that I’m not unique with the bread thing! There is also another possible explanation as to why I’m having some trouble — those dreaded “female issues.”

Oh, by the way, I lost two more pounds… so my total weight loss = 35 pounds!


— Lisa

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