Lisa's Diary reveals the emotions and day-to-day experiences of a real patient in Fort HealthCare's Bariatric Program.


Me again!

Since my uniforms are all falling off these days, I went shopping for some new work clothes.  It was nice to have such a nice selection in smaller sizes.  The larger sizes I used to need cost more and came in a lesser variety.  Recently I got my haircut shorter and people at work hardly recognize me! Down over 55 lbs., I feel so much BETTER. I realized that I haven’t held this weight since 1995 when I was in my 30s.  I can only imagine how much better I will feel when I drop another 30-50 lbs.  

Without LAP-BAND®, I would not have lost this much weight. Like you, I tried for so many (MANY!) years. All of those wonderful support programs that mean well and work for many people – just not for me.  I get asked many times if I regret getting the surgery – not a chance! This has been an invaluable tool on my weight-loss journey.  

Keep it up,


Hey everybody!

After being in the single-digits for the past week, this nice weather really motivates me to work out!  I needed this.  My exercise routines were becoming stagnant, so I updated my iPod and working out is SO MUCH BETTER!  After my band adjustment (two weeks ago), I have lost 6.5-7.5 pounds…YES, every half pound counts. 

I am still making adjustments to my meal plans and am only able to consume under a cup of food, so I’ve become really picky about what I eat.  Following meals, I don’t feel hungry for about 5 hours.  It’s not that I don’t want the food (in my head I REALLY do) but I am full and I’m learning to follow those hunger cues.  My biggest problem with dieting was that I constantly felt hungry and wanted more. In addition, before LAP-BAND®  I could also take in way more than I should have. 

To help myself with this last adjustment, I bought smaller plates, like coffee cup saucers. 

Before my surgery, I never used these, but now these are the best size for my smaller portions.  The picture is of my lunch – a half can of vegetable soup, 3 crackers, half of a coconut-flavored yogurt with a quarter of a banana.  Surprisingly, I finished most of it but I felt so full!  Yesterday I went out for lunch and my meal consisted of 1 Crunchy Taco Supreme at Taco Bell. I felt stuffed afterward.  Often, I’ll sit back and think about a meal prior to my band and I would be embarrassed to tell you!  Now, I’m saving money…and calories!

“Losing”ly yours,


August 31, 2010

If you live in the Fort Atkinson area and listen to WFAW, you may have heard Patrice, Dr. Erickson and me on the air recently talking about bariatric surgery at Fort HealthCare. It was a little daunting to us but, of course, the good doctor always takes everything in stride. Patrice and I were going to play the laryngitis card and let him do all the talking, but we found out it doesn’t work that way.

Michael Clish, the host, decides who is going to talk and when. He’s a pretty funny guy — after the first couple of minutes, he had us laughing pretty hard. He claims he heard Dr. Erickson say that we do “lap dances” instead of LAP-BAND®, and if you know Dr. Erickson at all, you can imagine the look on his face!

Then, Dr. Erickson’s phone rang (with his “Crocodile Rock” ringtone) not once, but TWICE! How can you not laugh at that?

The best part is, it wasn’t a life-or-death emergency like you’d think it was — it was his golf partner calling to find out the tee time! Ha!

I guess we’re all human, right?

All in all, it wasn’t the frightening drama I’d dreamed up in my head. I was a little concerned when Patrice asked if she could spin a couple of tunes on the radio.

Thank goodness our time was up ;)

Next time,

— Lisa

P.S. The proof is in the pudding — I’ve gone down in scrubs sizes at work!