Lisa's Diary reveals the emotions and day-to-day experiences of a real patient in Fort HealthCare's Bariatric Program.


Me again!

Since my uniforms are all falling off these days, I went shopping for some new work clothes.  It was nice to have such a nice selection in smaller sizes.  The larger sizes I used to need cost more and came in a lesser variety.  Recently I got my haircut shorter and people at work hardly recognize me! Down over 55 lbs., I feel so much BETTER. I realized that I haven’t held this weight since 1995 when I was in my 30s.  I can only imagine how much better I will feel when I drop another 30-50 lbs.  

Without LAP-BAND®, I would not have lost this much weight. Like you, I tried for so many (MANY!) years. All of those wonderful support programs that mean well and work for many people – just not for me.  I get asked many times if I regret getting the surgery – not a chance! This has been an invaluable tool on my weight-loss journey.  

Keep it up,


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